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Mechanical Fasteners

We supply various types of locknuts including aerospace and mil-spec as well as special locknut configurations. Some of these include nylon insert, allmetal locking, and an assortment of weld nuts in various configurations. For locknut applications we can provide Mil-Spec requirements.

Captive hardware is available in the following types: flush head, floating, blind, panel, self locking, and miniature. Also available are self clinching standoffs, as well as self clinching nuts. Most items can be obtained in unified as well as metric sizes.

Materials typically available are steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Eyelets are available in rolled, flat, funnel, bell etc and can be straight and tapered as well
as other configurations. Brass material is the most common in either plain or nickel plated.

There are a variety of special type fasteners including but not limited to the following: Cage nuts, Captive retainers, Christmas trees, Grommets, Knobs, Nylon quarter-turn retainers, Panel Clips, Plug Buttons, Push on nuts, Snap slide fasteners, J-clips, U-Clips, W- Clips, Single thread fasteners, Stud receivers etc. etc. etc.
We are able to supply molded grommets and nylon grommeting product to the latest molding and extruding techniques. Grommets and extruded grommeting can be supplied to both military and commercial standards. Also available are protective caps in assorted materials such as vinyl, polyethylene both high and low and other assorted materials.
Inserts can be obtained in either coiled or solid fabrications. Inserts are generally stainless steel, steel, brass, or aluminum. Inserts are also available with a locking feature that locks the installed part. The determination of whether to install coiled or solid inserts is dependent upon application. Mil-Spec applications are the most common applications.
LATCHES - Compression/ Draw
We provide latches in compression, push to close, multi-point latching, and draw type. These latches are available in a host of styles and types and materials.
We provide dowel pins that are generally hardened steel or stainless steel. Special pins are available in slotted (rolled), coiled (spirol), solid, and grooved types. Quick release pins are also available to both Mil-Spec and commercial requirements. An assortment of platings are also available including zinc, cadmium, and phosphate.
Designs requiring high reliability components such as gears, precision hardware, bearings and shafts can be provided. Some of the special parts available are special shoulder screws, flanges and studs.

O rings are offered and are typically manufactured in materials of buna, nitrile, or neoprene. They are frequently ordered under Mil-Spec requirements which we are able to supply. Retaining rings are generally of 3 types, Internal, External and E-Rings. Typical materials include carbon steel, beryllium copper and stainless steel (PH-15-7). These parts frequently are ordered with Mil-Spec requirements as well.

Blind rivets can be domed, closed end, countersunk, low profile, large flange and brazier. Rivets can be provided in all aluminum, steel/aluminum, all steel, stainless steel and copper. We can also provide installation equipment both light weight and heavy duty. Also available are solid rivets in the above configurations in steel and other materials.
Rivet nuts are typically used in applications where access is only available from the front
and are mainly used in thin panel materials. Rivet nuts are typically flanged but they have a low profile head... They may be keyed and may also be open ended. Rivet nuts can also have a countersink below the flange. Materials available are generally available in steel, aluminum and stainless steel.
Socket screws are available in regular cap screw and flat and button type. They are generally alloy or stainless steel, but can be provided in monel or other materials. Socket screws are generally of higher precision since the thread tolerances are more stringent. Many socket screw applications adhere to Mil-Spec requirements which we typically provide from stock.
Compression, extension and torsion springs are available. These springs are generally music wire or stainless steel. They can be provided in various sizes and configurations.
Flat, locking (tooth, split and square cone), belleville, crescent, wave, beveled and finger washers, as well as an assortment of specially designed washers are available. These washers can be provided in a host of materials such as steel, stainless steel, nylon, fiber, teflon and fiberglass etc.
Call today for more information! 1.800.214.1000
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